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Private & Public Investor Awareness

If capital is required for growth, Corporate Trust Fund has existing relationships with numerous private equity sources of capital. Additionally, we have decades of expertise when it comes to accessing the public markets, and have employed experts to position us to capitalize on the recently enacted rules pursuant to Section 401 of the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act of 2012 (JOBS Act)


We have assisted numerous companies in meeting their capital needs through various means: private investment through funds; IPO raises; reverse mergers; debt financing; PIPES, and private placements to accredited investors. Corporate Trust Fund is poised to capitalize on the newly promulgated Title IV of the Jobs Act which will provide the means for small cap companies to raise up to $20M in a 12 month period (Tier1), or up to $50M in a 12 month period (Tier 2) under a streamlined process that will be less burdensome and costly to small cap companies that are in need of capital.

  • Assessment

Assist our clients in determining the best source of capital to attain its goals, and help structure such financing.

  • Documentation

Help prepare the paperwork and materials necessary to solicit capital

  • Introductions

Make an introduction to our appropriate partners that may be interested in providing the necessary funding.


Regardless of our client’s size or capital needs, we have the expertise to assist in procuring the necessary capital to attain its goals.

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