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Junior Subordinated Working Capital  
Working capital for short-term and long-term projects. We’re here to help businesses of all sizes!

Corporate Trust Fund Makes Getting Junior Subordinated Working Capital easy for Your Business !

What is Junior Debt?

Junior Debt is debt that has a lower priority for repayment than other debt claims in the case of default. Junior debt is considered to be a type of subordinated debt.



Junior debt is a classification that is important for investors to understand when investing in credit issuances from a firm. Repayment priorities for a business are a part of the firm’s capital structuring. Companies can issue a wide variety of credit products to investors for raising capital. The structuring of these products is typically done by an underwriter.


Debt Repayment Terms


An important repayment term for all types of credit is there repayment seniority. Loans and bonds can be issued as senior debt or subordinated debt. Senior debt is repaid first if the borrower encounters a default or liquidation. It is usually secured debt with collateral however it can also be unsecured with specific provisions for repayment seniority. Subordinated debt follows senior debt and has its own repayment terms. Generally senior debt requires lower interest payments and bond coupons since it has lower risk. With subordinated debt, investors are willing to take on the higher risk of lower seniority payments in default by being compensated with higher rates of interest. Generally, junior debt and subordinated debt is unsecured debt that is not backed by collateral.


Debt Market Trading

Different from equity capital, institutional debt is typically issued in the primary market involving direct interaction between corporations and investors. Following primary market issuance, loans and bonds can then be traded on over the country secondary markets with trades facilitated through various trading groups. In the secondary market senior debt continues to carry less risk than subordinated debt.


Subordinated Debt Issuance


Junior debt can be synonymous with subordinated debt or it can refer to a second tier of debt paid immediately following the repayment of senior debt. Junior debt has a smaller probability of being paid back in default since all higher-ranking debt will be given priority.

Corporate Trust Fund will help you determine which working capital funding alternatives are available to suit your business, from a business line of credit to Junior Subordinated debt.

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