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Revenue Based Financing 

Whether you own a small or medium-size business with high volume sales, we have a program designed to suit you!

Revenue-based financing, also known as royalty based financing, is a method of raising capital for a business from investors who receive a percentage of the enterprise's ongoing gross revenues in exchange for the money they invested.
In a revenue-based financing investment, investors receive a regular share of the businesses income until a predetermined amount has been paid. Typically this predetermined amount is a multiple of the principal investment, and it usually ranges from three to five times the original amount invested.


Paying Customer

Corporate Trust Fund Makes
Getting a Revenue Based funding
Fast & Easy!

Revenue based funding is based on the amount of total monthly sales you make. In some cases this program will help more than a merchant cash advance on credit card sales.

What Documents Will I Need to Apply for Accounts Receivable Factoring?

  • ​Accounts Receivables Report

  • Accounts Payable Summary

  • List of top 5 paying customers

  • Business Tax Returns

  • P&L statements and Balance sheet 

  • Application 

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